Tag: Residential Complex Painting

PROJECT – Repainting of Windows, Support Railings, Perimeter Wall, renewal of Traffic Control signs and Parking Lines, Carport Frames and Security Room.  
May 22, 2019Admin
Preparation - Using a High-Pressure Industrial Washer, the walls are cleaned to dismantle lifting, loose paint and open cracks. The affected areas are repaired using Masonry Patch Plaster ...
May 22, 2019Admin
PROJECT – Preparation of surfaces, application of preparation coats and topcoats on Doors, Windows, Gulleys, Gutters, Downpipes, Fascias, Plaster trims, Wooden Ceilings and Pallisade Fencing. Estantia consists of 14 double-storey blocks, Block A to Block N. After doing a presentation that comprises of Work Systems and an Operations Plan, the Trustees ... Read More
May 21, 2019Admin